Simple Design Tricks For Renovating A Small Kitchen Space

2 min read

Having a lofty space gives a homeowner a lot of opportunities for design and renovation. These homeowners have the luxury of putting as many design accents and furnishings in their living space. But for homeowners living in small spaces, the challenge of having their homes look presentable is a tough one, especially when working with a small kitchen.

But the smallness of the space should not limit these homeowners. Here are some simple design hacks from interior designer for revamping a small kitchen space.

  • Opt for a simple design

Since designing a small space is already a challenge, do not make it more complicated by choosing an outrageous design for your kitchen space. Given the limitations, opt for a simple and minimalist design. This kind of design scheme can create an illusion of height and space and will give you more room for important kitchen tools and equipment. Splashy designs can make the space look cramped and little. The latter might work if you have the luxury of space.

  • Find the right materials

When designing or renovating a small kitchen space, try to avoid busy patterns that can make the space look crowded and confusing. In this scenario, the best color and material would be mute and neutral colors and wood. Another materials that can add an illusion of bigger space is glossy and reflective materials. A perfect example of these materials are metals and glossy marbles. This can further expand the space in terms of look and feel. Also, try to choose slim kitchen pieces and equipment that will not take too much space.

  • Try a one-wall galley layout

Choosing the right layout for your small kitchen can do wonders on expanding your space. Interior design experts recommend a one-galley kitchen layout, wherein everything is laid out in one wall – from meal preparation to cooking. Other options are U-shaped or L-shaped countertop layouts. These layouts are practical and can help you save on space.

  • Think about the storage

If you have a number of kitchen tools, equipment, and utensils you need to keep, be sure that storage planning is a top priority. With a small kitchen, you cannot put as many cabinets as you want, given the limited space. You can, however, utilize the verticals and walls through clever interiors copany in dubai that would allow you to make way for storage solutions without eating up the space. Most interior design experts recommend using dual-purpose furnishings that can serve as storage.