How do VIPs stay safe in Dubai?

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There are many people who visit Dubai for a verity of reasons. The most important people who visit the great city fall into two categories. The first are the people who are here for the entertainment industry. They are the super models and the Hollywood stars and other people connected to the entertainment industry. Dubai has been a popular destination for these and it is common to rub shoulders with the elite stars in many clubs. The second category is the ones who are here for the economic conferences, or they are here to buy or sell entire companies. As many multinational companies have opened their regional operations in Dubai there has been a steady increase in the number of deals that have gone through the Dubai offices and these have been equated with an equally steady increase in the number of CEO’s and the mega rich owners who have travelled to Dubai in the recent years. In order to keep these people safe in the great city, their security details usually take two steps.

Isolation of experience

The first thing that they do is they isolate the experience of the VIP person from the experience of the common men. So these people will live in penthouses, they will travel to Dubai in private jets and in an exclusive armoured car in Dubai. The security details will also make sure that they are never in a crowded area where someone may harm them and they will be under observation when they venture out in the crowd. This way they will be isolated from not only the common people, but also from potential threats. This does not mean that they will never meet any other human, just that anyone whom they meet will be let through by their security details and they will have to pass security checks if they want to meet them in their hotel etc.

Protection in transport

The second thing that is done to protect these VIP’s is to make sure that they travel through the city in special bullet proof car or Humvee. As these have been designed to withstand the impact of even grenade launchers, it is pretty much impossible to attack and kidnap these important individuals while they are travelling through Dubai in these armoured behemoths. When they arrive in the city, this is usually the first thing that they do. They get their staff to arrange a bulletproof transport for them and then they are assured of safe travels through the city as long as they want to stay in the city.

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