Door to door Children Transport in Dubai

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Dubai takes great care of its youngest citizens. UAE is very family oriented and patriarchal society. Some think that sometimes it goes above reasonable measures, but it is in their tradition and culture to take special care of woman and children and it should and must be respected. Authorities of Dubai take no less care of the expat children. Since the richest from all over the globe came to live and raise their children in Dubai, it was very important to provide appropriate measures to keep children safe, well, healthy and educated.

Some schools had to adapt their programs and open new divisions for foreign children. Private schools and language schools started coming up everywhere, but not all of the expats were prepared for the traditional behavior around Dubai; especially children. That is why children door to door transportation started appearing and it turned out to be a very successful business. As the time went by – it became a necessity! Not only for expats, but also from locals. Businesses started growing, people became instantly rich and there was a need to constantly work and keep their companies successful. There are not many parents who have enough time to drive their youngsters around, taking them and picking them up from sport practices, private lessons and different kinds of schools.

There are private firms offering the service called ‘Kids Limo’. Specialized drivers take your kids from your home, drive them to a certain location, wait until they are done with their activities and bring them back home. Some of the companies let you choose the driver and you can request that person to be the only one who drives your child. Sometimes you can even choose a car. All of the extra services cost more money. Drivers will inform you regularly what is going on and where they are at. Every vehicle has the seats adapted for children of all ages. Some ‘limos’ are bigger than others and they can transport larger number of children. Boys can be separated from girls if that is what parents want. Woman monitors are always present in those ‘limos’ in case child needs anything that is not appropriate to be done by man.

RAT (Roads an Transport Association), which is public service, also offer special door to door service for children. Even though it is not a private company, parents are extremely satisfied with it. Busses are adapted for children; there are teachers and monitors always riding with kids. These busses can go from house to house picking up kids and taking them to school in the morning; the same busses would bring them home after classes.

There are also public and private busses you can hire to take your children and their young friends on mini excursions somewhere outside of Dubai. If they can’t provide a monitor for the day they will ask some of the parents to join the children on the trip. Some of the most popular excursions are to the Dubai Ski Center and Zoo.

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