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6 Food That Can Make Your Teeth Whiter

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Having a beautiful smile is an asset. That endearing beam can help you in creating an excellent impression and also boost your confidence. Which is why a lot of patients of a reputable dental clinic in Al Barsha invest in getting a teeth whitening procedure to whiten their pearly whites.

But aside from getting a regular dental cleaning procedure, dental patients can also maintain their pearly whites by eating these food and dishes:

  1. Strawberries


The color of this fruit may fool you, but strawberries can do wonders to whiten your teeth. A reputable cosmetic dentist in Dubai always recommend eating strawberries to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Strawberries contains malin acids, a natural astringent that helps remove teeth discoloration. You can put this fruits in your salad or dessert dish. If you are keen on using this fruit to maintain the appearance of your pearly whites, you can mash one fruit and use it as a paste in your toothbrush.


  1. Onions


Despite the smell of onions, this produce can also help whiten your teeth. The sulfur compounds found in onions is known to prevent plaque formation, especially when you eat them raw. Be sure to chew some if you found one in your dish, but be sure to brush your teeth after to remove the smell.


  1. Cheese


Cheese is known as an excellent source of calcium, which can help make your teeth stronger. Hard cheeses are also high in casein milk, a compound that helps prevent mineral loss in teeth.


  1. Water


Water is an important ingredient for our survival, but it is also significant in keeping your pearly whites healthy and looking great. Drinking water on a regular basis can help clean your mouth and remove the stains and food debris stuck in between the teeth. Dentists always remind their patients to wash their teeth with water after eating food and dishes that can be harmful for their pearly whites.


  1. Celery

Celery is not just good for your diet, it is also great for keeping your teeth white and healthy. Celery has a high water content that helps on washing away food debris in your mouth, tongue, and teeth. Chewing a stick a day can be good for your dental health.


  1. Apples


They say that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Same goes for dentists. Eating an apple can help increase the production of saliva in your mouth and strengthen your teeth and gums.