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What can a tailor do for women?

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Tailor is the best friend of every woman. He or she can help them to have petty-coats and chic dresses yet they are costlier than shopping malls but you can use stitched dress and suits for a longer time. Scroll down to know what they can stitch for you!

  1. Dresses:
    If you wish to wear the most vibrant dress and gown on your wedding or you want to have frilled and net-made dresses that you can wear on formal events than you have to go to a tailor and tell them your body measurements and demands to get the desired dress on time. You have to tell them in detail about what you want in your dress so that they can meet your expectations and please you easily. Yet they do take some days to stitch because it requires a lot of concentration and focus to stitch dress with frills and fine cuts. 
  2. Skirts:
    Whether you want a long skirt or short, mini skirt or frilled skirts, tailors can make any kind of skirt for you. You have to tell them the fabric you want and measurements so that they can easily satisfy you. The tailors can make pockets or leave some space for a belt so that you can fulfil your desires easily.
  3. Shirts:
    Tailors can stitch fitted blouse to lose shirts that you can wear with PJs. Besides, many of the tailoring companies in Dubai have tailors that can sew button-up shirts from desired fabric which you can pair with office pants and jackets to look formal. All you have to do is to tell them your wants and measurements to get the desired clothing. 
  4. Suits:
    Unlike men, women have different kinds of suits. Many of the ladies wear fitted skirts with button-up shirts or matching shirt with open hair and earrings in meetings. Besides, some women choose hipster trouser and high waist trousers with a silk shirt to look presentable. Tailors can sew such trousers and contrasting coloured shirts but it will be costlier for you to get tailored-suits than buying them from shops. Yet, you can use them for months. 
  5. Waistcoats and Jackets: There are tailors at dress alterations in Dubai that can stitch different kinds of waistcoats. They can stitch short or mini waistcoats that drape on your body beautifully and some experts know how to create long coats that be worn in offices to attend meetings.