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Engineering and its scope in UAE

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Engineering has always been considered a rewarding profession and in this era of constructions and adoption of new infrastructures, this field is touching its finest glory. Talented engineers are highly demanded in the United Arab Emirates which is raising its stature as the hosts of the World Expo 2020. As per the local media reports, growth in engineering opportunities will lead the UAE job market impetus in the coming future. If we talk about electrical engineering in UAE, it has very welcoming prospects there.


Morgan McKinley salary survey shows a dramatic increase in proposed salary budgets and hiring treads of all types of engineers with companies at UAE in general and Dubai in particular. These companies want the best talented individuals who will retain the jobs and give them quality production. Engineering is very heavily-invested industry and competition for professionals is increasing in this field day by day.  Salary is being highly dependent on the skills and aptitude of the applicant.


Being a growing economy Dubai is most preferential target to work in for new and mature job seekers. The work environment, best possible growing opportunities and a surging economic growth rate are the factors that turn the United Arab Emirates the best haven for engineers.


Engineering is much diversified field and specialization in each type of engineering has its own demands and rewards. According to salary, the following salary structures are available for different types of engineers.


  • Engineers AED 12,504 on average
  • Mechanical Engineers AED 13,001 on average
  • Electrical Engineers AED 14,413 on average
  • Civil Engineers AED 16,432 on average
  • Project Engineers AED 16,656 on average
  • Design Engineers AED 17,801 on average
  • Process Engineers AED 23,550 on average


Dubai is often referred as ‘City of Gold’ to its competitive economies. On an average, 20 international construction and engineering companies have set their businesses in Dubai thereby making it an absolutely knowledge-based economy. The lack of skills and expertise among the locals opened new doors for professionals outside the boundaries of the United Arab Emirates. The field of mechanics, electronics and mecha-tronics are in top demand in Dubai because they are highly used in construction business.


The employers in the UAE give tax free and nearly 25 percent higher salaries as compared to other parts of the world. As English is the communication language for the business community, you will find no language barriers in this part of the world.


The main religion in the country is Islam but they always welcome talented individuals from different other religions to work for them and be a productive part of the national economy. For further details, please visit and learn more about the scope of electrical engineering in the UAE.